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About RNC, Inc.
RNC is a premier service provider of computer / network support services and training. RNC’s solutions are uniquely specialized to fit the needs of small to medium businesses. Small businesses do not have the advantage of a full time IT department. That’s where RNC comes in. We have a complete staff of fully certified IT consultants, Web developers and networking experts ready to help. When you work with RNC, you can rest assured the work will be done right, which allows you to focus on meeting and exceeding your own business goals.

Here’s How We Do IT

We Understand Your Business

Having worked with an array of small, medium, and big organizations, we understand businesses and their network and data security needs. It helps us offer customized solutions.

Unmatched Services

Standing out amidst the crowd of managed IT services providers needs perfection, precision and a pro-customer approach. At BISTCR, we have mastered it all.

Right Technology

As IT and network solutions have always been technology intensive, we take no chance when your business is stack. We adopt best in technology to keep your network glitch proof.

A team of Experts

The IT and network solutions of today demands great expertise. It is why we have a team of IT and network engineers to provide your business with best-in-class services.

Short Turnaround

Businesses work in a fast-paced environment, and they can’t allow IT and network problems hamper operations. We fix these deterrents in the shortest turnaround time.

Round-the-clock Availability

Being a managed IT solution provider to many a reputed organization, we maintain great agility to their needs. We are available in a 24×7 environment to provide seamless IT solutions.

Helping Businesses Fully Utilize Technology