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Crypto Locker Removal & Prevention

CryptoLocker Removal & Prevention
Laguna Niguel, CA

Crypto Locker Removal & Prevention

Your business is like a glistening diamond, its brilliance is likely to draw the attention of both customers and criminals. As a business owner, you’re prepared to do everything you can to keep your asset safe from the clutches of cyber criminals and their ever-evolving arsenal of threats.

That’s where RNC comes in, we’re here to help you safeguard your hard work from the numerous threats that target your business, in particular, CryptoLocker. We can help you remove CryptoLocker from your computer as well as help you prevent a future attack of CrytoLocker. We have helped numerous businesses in and around the Laguna Niguel, CA area remove and prevent CryptoLocker infections.

This new strain of ransomware preys on businesses, infecting their systems, encrypting their files, and demanding a ransom to be paid within a certain time limit. How it works is that CryptoLocker utilizes social engineering to lure you into the trap. After you run the attached file, it immediately installs itself and begins the process of encryption.

Our solutions help provide enhanced


Fends off attacks from infiltrating and wreaking havoc on your network.

Data integrity

Prevents private information from falling into the wrong hands.


By backing up uncompromised data, this helps mitigate the inestimable effects caused by the ransomware.



If business files can’t be encrypted, no ransom has to be paid.

Helping Businesses Fully Utilize Technology